Fluid Gel Seal HEPA filters H13, H14 EN:1822


Pharmaceutical gel seal cleanroom HEPA filters
The gel seal HEPA filters are mainly used for pharmaceutical industries. The fluid gel can help provide better seal to prevent air leakages. Normal HEPA filters the gasket is EVA neoprene around the frame. As the fluid gel is semisolid with good fluidity, the gel can create enough shape modification to install the slot between frame with the filter holder.

All of the gel seal HEPA filters are mini pleated filter media, aluminum alloy frame with slot to install gel seal. The slot size 15mm width or 20mm. Slot position at the top of the frame or side of the frame.

The pharmaceutical industries have very strict requirements to the air quality in cleanroom, any bacteria or virus can make the medicine defect. So it`s quite necessary to control the cleanroom air quality. Our company use HV waterproof glass fiber, it`s brings lower pressure drop and larger dust holding ability.

All HEPA filters are tested by DOP or MPPS laser machine.

Special service:

We are the manufacturer and supplier for mini pleated HEPA filter, at the same time, OEM and ODM service, LOGO printing is no problem. Also, we have a R&D department that can help clients to research their products, something like the construction design for HEPA filters and air flow rate and pressure drop test and so on.

Specifications and Details
Efficiency H13-U15 99.999% EN:1822
Filter depth 93, 90 mm
Filter media Waterproof glass fiber
Frame material Aluminum alloy
Separator Hot-melt
Customized size Available
Design Panel
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)

Tech Data

Item No Size(mm) Air flow rate Pressure drop Efficiency Filter Area
EA-FG-557 550*550*75 750m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 9m²
EA-FG-667 630*630*75 1100m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 12.5m²
EA-FG-967 915*610*75 1500m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 19m²
EA-FG-5593 550*550*93 1000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 12m²
EA-FG-6693 630*630*93 1500m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 16.5m²
EA-FG-9693 915*610*93 2000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 24m²
EA-FG-5590 550*550*90 1000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 11.5m²
EA-FG-6690 630*630*90 1500m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 15.5m²
EA-FG-9690 915*610*90 2000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 23m²
EA-FG-5580 550*550*80 900m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 10m²
EA-FG-6680 630*630*80 1300m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 14m²
EA-FG-9680 915*610*80 1800m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 21m²

Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;