For cleanroom HEPA filter series

Fan Filter Units made in China

Mini Pleated

Mini pleated glass fiber media, aluminum alloy frame, double side painted metal mesh as the grille, neoprene gasket to make sure not leakages, it`s a very popular air filters for pharmaceutical, food process, and micron electronics industries cleanroom system.

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Deep Pleated

Aluminum foil corrugated as the separator, micron glass fiber H13, H14 efficiency, galvanized steel or aluminum, or stainless steel frame. It has a very good performance for turbulence air flow. Large dust holding ability, anti-acid and anti-moist.

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High Volume

4V, 5V, 6V design to maximize the air filter area, features: large air flow rate and low resistance. Glass fiber media, polyurethane sealant, EVA gasket. Can be as the final filter stage for cleanroom or as the pre filter for ULPA filters, all metal frame available.

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Wooden frame

Same construction as the metal frame deep pleated HEPA filters, only the frame is changed, wooden frame is relatively strong than the metal frame. Can be used in dry situation but cannot used in moist environment. Customized size available.

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Gel Seal

Fluid gel seal as the gasket to offer best air tight. It`s very popular in pharmaceutical and hospital application, glass fiber media H13, H14, U15 available. All the HEPA filters be tested to make sure without any leakages and broken.

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Flange type

flange type mini pleated HEPA filters, frame can be ABS plastic, aluminum alloy or galvanized steel. Any size available. For some special size the frame should be molded if the frame is plastic ABS. H13, H14, U15 efficiency is available.