OME and ODM Air Filters

The EawayFilter Co., Ltd, we aim to provide best service to our clients, for most of the occasion, we offer OEM and ODM service.

  1. Filter design, we according to client`s requirements design the air filters, it`s include air filter frame choose, frame mold design, filter media choose, air flow confirmation, efficiency confirmation and so on.


Frame: we can use metal, wooden, plastic, aluminum alloy as the frame, frame size can be customized. For plastic frame, it should be molded at the first, we use CAD and Pro E to make the mold design, and 3D printing technology to make a demo, this can make sure R&D be more easily and fast, and without mistake.


Filter media choose, we according the different requirements, sometimes is the efficiency and air flow rate, help clients choose best glass fiber. From F5 to U15 are available.


We have the R&D team can help you search and design your own air filters, and the equipment to test glass fiber media efficiency and pressure drop, and equipment to test air filters efficiency and pressure drop.


Label sticker and package design, we can add your own labels on the air filters and your brand on the carbon box packages.