R and D department

According to different requirements for the clients, we offer customized and OEM service for the air filters production.
For HVAC system---- the HVAC air filters is pre air filters, pocket filters and v bank filters and so on, we according to the different application choose material. For example, if the filters be used in moist environment, we recommend the stainless frame and the filter media should anti-moist.
According to different airflow rate required, we choose special air filter media and calculate how much filter media should be applied.
For some different occasion, we add carbon particles in the air filters so the filters can remove strange smell and some dangerous gases.
All we can do is to help the air filters act a good performance;
We choose best solution to solve your problems by our over 10 years experiences.

For some special design for the air filters, like plastic frame special shape air filters, we use CAD and Pro E to build the frame drawing, and use 3D printing technology to build a initial design, we make demo at the first. To test it and let the client confirm it. After that we build a real mold and start mass production.


  1. Air filters research

For some air purifier manufacture, we supply air filters to them, at the initial process of air purifier design, they need our help to design the air filters.
We help them to confirm the air filters size, CADR value, filter efficiency, and filter media.

We have air filter pressure drop testing instrument, when clients confirmed the size of air filters, them need to know the air flow rate and pressure drop, so they can understand the CADR value of the air purifier. We can help them to test the efficiency, air flow rate and pressure drop;
It`s critical at the initial process of air purifier design.

  1. Package design

The packages can print clients` LOGO and company information, we choose the appropriate carton box to pack the filters so it keep completeness after transportation.