Cleanroom class 100 workshop

Our workshop are cleanliness level 100, it can make sure the HEPA filters won`t be polluted by other dust. The machine can make mini pleated HEPA filter pack, it`s a special machine for the cleanroom industries.

Machine using PLC program control, man-machine interface control machine with easy operation, folding automatic adjustment is characterized by many filter manufacturers preferred equipment

Whole new HEPA filter folding machine

Automatic folding machine can meet the following several technical indicators:
1. Folding height range: to meet the folding requirements of various types of filters. Conventional folding machines are folded from 8mm to 65mm in the program, and special folding can be customized.
2. Folding height adjustment mode, without manual loading and unloading screws and knife, just enter the number in the touch screen to achieve the corresponding value height. Operation adjustment time is greatly reduced, the operation time is less than 1 minute, without the need for skilled operation of the operation of the machine.
3. High-speed folding speed, if not consider the folding of the tensile strength of the filter, the middle value can be up to a maximum discount of 150 fold / min.
4. Folding function (ie, M, W) type folding function, also known as high and low pleats, is folding up to 4 different heights (with folding trapezoidal product function) for the development of filters Of the new product opened a new situation.
5. Can be multi-layer composite material folding processing: multi-function adjustable folding function up to 8 layers of different media, the appropriate blade design and special blade movement mode, to solve the layer between the adhesion Control, and to avoid the folding media layer in the presence of tension under the conditions of separation with the lower.