For H13 H14 air diffuser / ceiling HEPA

Disposable Diffusers

HEPA filters mini pleated inside cannot be replaceable. Large air flow rate and low resistance. Galvanized steel or aluminum coated zinc plate. It`s very convenient to install for cleanroom class 1000 and 10000. Be applied in food process and micron electronics industries.

Replaceable Diffusers

H13 or H14 efficiency, glass fiber media, as the terminal filter stage for cleanroom class 1000 or 10000. Neoprene gasket to make sure air tight. Round the square air inlet collar. Stainless steel or galvanized steel frame. Heat insulation covered on the frame.

Gel Seal Design

It`s very common for pharmaceutical industries. Fluid gel seal as the gasket to provide perfect air seal, mini pleated HEPA filters, H14 and U15 efficiency, it`s good choice for cleanroom class 100. HEPA filters can be replaced at the room side.

Fan Powered

Something very similar as the Fan filter unit, back centrifugal fan inside the box to help overcome resistance of HVAC tunnel and HEPA filters. Mini pleated HEPA filters can be replaceable. H13 and H14 efficiency. Painted metal frame or galvanized steel frame.