Fan Powerd Modules for Cleanroom


The fan powered modules HEPA filters are made of high quality cold rolled painted metal panel, electrostatic painting process, HEPA filters, perforated air diffusers, air valves and so on.

It`s the terminal air filters stages for cleanroom class 1000 to 300000, the advantageous is economical price, conveniently installation.

Considering the airflow needs to overcome HEPA filters pressure and the resistance of HVAC tunnel, to add a fan in the air diffusers can help airflow pass through HEPA filters more easily.

So, it`s something like the Fan Filter Unit.

The fan powered modules are very common in cleanroom from class 100 to 100000. The compact construction make it very suitable for surgery room in hospital, laboratory, pharmaceutical, micron electronics, food processing, painting spray and so on.

The HEPA filters can be replaceable, the HEPA filters efficiency H13 or H14 EN:1822;

Glass fiber media, polyurethane sealant, neoprene gasket, painted metal mesh as the grille.

Aluminum alloy frame for the HEPA filters.

Back centrifugal fan added in the interior of ceiling module.

Specifications and Details
Efficiency H13 99.95% EN:1822
Filter depth 280-320mm available
Filter media Waterproof glass fiber
Frame material SUS, Al-Zn, Coated Metal
Motor Backcentrifugal fan
Customized size Available
Power 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)

Tech Data

Model 122S 122Z 117Z 61Z 57Z
Airflow (m³/h )






Noise (Db) 54-60
Efficiency H13-U15
Cleanliness Class 100
Electric 220/110V
Power 360W 180W 180W 145W 75W
Size (mm) 1175*1175*320 1225*615*320 1175*575*320 615*615*280 575*575*280
HEPA (mm) 1170*1170*69 1220*610*69 1170*570*69 610*610*69 570*570*69
Pressure drop


Coarse filter

nylon mesh or pleated pre filter

Wight 50Kg 25Kg 23Kg 15Kg 10Kg
Air velocity 0.45m/s±20%

Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;