HEPA filters for food process application

Food and beverage industries is becoming more and more important in our daily life, we cannot get enough food if without the food and beverage factory. But there are always some problems when the food factory using expansive and harmful food additives to keep the food fresh and good looking.
Food additives is harmful to human health, now we have another choice. The cleanroom been used in food and beverage industries, HEPA filters can remove most of the bacteria, without bacteria the food won`t be metamorphic.
In some factory, the beverage packed under cleanroom and without using any preservative, it proved that in the situation, the beverage and food can also keep fresh for quite a long time;

Without food preservative, the factory can save many budget of that and food will be a better favor. According to the 209D standard, the food should be packed under 12℃ and air cleanliness level class 100 condition.

Here is the air filters should be used in the food industries;


Pre Air Filters

The pre filters can remove large size dust, it`s very useful to enlarge the second filter and HEPA filters service life. The filter media is synthetic and cotton, flat media or pleated media design, the metal mesh on two side to hold the filter media. Efficiency is G3 or G4. Frame is waterproof paper or aluminum alloy or galvanized steel. The paper frame is a economical choice and can be used in dry situation. Pre filters provide large dust holding ability and low resistance.

v bank filters for food process

V bank filters

The V bank filters is mini pleated media design, glass fiber or polyester. It can remove fine dust particles with efficiency about 80*99%. It`s very popular in food and beverage industries. Plastic frame and 2V or 4V construction, 12*24*12 or 24*24*12 inch size. The V bank filters should be replaced every 3 or 6 months. Features, high moist resistance, can replace pocket filters moist environment.

stainless steel ffu for food process

FFU Stainless Steel Frame

The FFU is a very common equipment for the cleanroom, it normally be installed on the ceiling grid, to make a high cleanliness level room, it`s quite helpful to improve the indoor air quality for all of the high tech industries such as micron-electronics, fine machinery and medicine and so on, food process industries need stainless steel frame due to the high moist environment.

HEPA filters for food industries

HEPA filter Cassette Aluminum Separator

Metal frame, glass fiber media, H13 or H14 efficiency, it`s the final stage for food process industries cleanroom, the aluminum separator can beat high moist environment. Each HEPA filters are tested before shipping. The HEPA filter cassette is the best stable filters, can be used in turbulence airflow and provide long service life.

HEPA filters for food industries

Mini Pleated HEPA filters

the mini pleated HEPA filters is a important part in cleanroom HVAC system final filtration, made of waterproof glass fiber media, mini pleated design to maximize the filter area. The filter efficiency of removing particle size 0.3 micron can reach to 99.99% to 99.999% level. Hot melt as the separators and aluminum alloy as the filter frame;