customized replacement filters for air purifier

Air Purifier HEPA

Glass fiber or polyester filter media, paper frame, customized size for different air purifier, remove particles size about 0.3um efficiency 99.99%. It`s very helpful to improve the indoor air quality. Can make 3rd party replacement filters for some air purifier.

Air Purifier Carbon

Activated carbon particles inside to remove smell and poisonous gases. Plastic honeycomb construction and paper or aluminum alloy frame. It`s very popular for home air purifier. Double side nylon mesh covered the honeycomb to prevent carbon particles out.

F7 Fine Filter

Paper frame, polyester filter media, F7 or F8 efficiency, it`s a replacement for new fresh air system, can remove pollen, fine dust, smoke and other dust. Make the new fresh air be clean, that will help enlarge the service life of new fresh device.

large size air purifier high air flow rate

Customized Filters

To provide OEM service, filter media, frame material and size, construction can be customized, CAD to make the design can make a demo by 3D printing technology, we have professional technician to help you design your own filters.


Aluminum honeycomb be painted Tio2 particles, the Tio2 photocatalyst is a new material that can help kill bacteria and virus in the air. The filters always be added on the final stage of air purifier, under the light of UV and maximize the function of photocatalyst.