HEPA filters for air purifier


The air purifier HEPA filters, air filters

Features: filter fine dust, ash, pet far, pollen, smoke, poisonous gas and so on.

Customized size available;

Can make 3rd-party replacement filters for most of the famous brand air purifier;

Frame: cardboard paper, or metal or plastic ABS;

OEM LOGO and company information;

Filter media: polyester, efficiency from 95-99.9% at 0.3um

Can make the multiply function filter such as HEPA combined with carbon to release smell and dust at the same time;

As the development of industry, our air and water environment facing strict challenge of being polluted. The polluted air are very harmful to human health, at the present, we cannot control every air in the earth. But we at least can control the air in our house.

The air purifier can clean the air inside the room, create a wonderful environment for our family, especially someone with asthma. Or if one of the member in your family smoke, others can influenced by the second smoke, air purifier can remove the smokes in time.

To let the air purifier filter air successfully, we need to replace the filters in time. EawayFilters company is the manufacturer for replacement air filters for air purifier.

Specifications and Details
Efficiency From F8 to H14 Customized
Filter depth 46mm - 150mm available
Filter media Glass fiber, synthetic, polyester
Frame material Metal, Paper, Plastci
Separator Hot-melt and so on
Customized size Available
Design Panel, Box, Flange and so on
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)

Detailed Pictures