Fan Filter Unit Series for Cleanroom

Fan Filter Unit FFU

Galvanized steel as the shell, mini pleated HEPA filters thickness 69mm or 80, 90mm, H13 and H14, U15 efficiency available, high dust holding ability, back centrifugal fan inside low noise low power consume, 0.45m/s air velocity adjustable. Best design for Cleanroom.

Fan / Filter Module

Stainless Steel 201 or 304 frame, it`s a wonderful design for hospital, pharmaceutical, food processing, beverage, electronics industries, the stainless steel frame can make sure FFU won`t get rust for long term usage due to high moist environment.

Ceiling HEPA unit

Painted steel frame can also make sure not rust for long term usage. the white painted steel frames are very easily to clean, and elegant appearance. H13, H14 efficiency HEPA filters, low noise motor fan diameter is 315mm or 400mm. Air velocity adjustable.

Large Air Purifier

This is a different design air purifier that similar as the FFU, glass fiber media HEPA filters, large air flow rate can make sure the purifier can clean large size room. CADR value as much as 800, air flow rate to 2000CBM per hour. It`s much powerful than normal air purifier.

big size air cleaner to clean your room

High Flow Air Cleaner

Comparing with small air cleaner, this is a wonderful design, 610*610*69 mm HEPA filters, low resistance and high dust holding ability glass fiber media can remove your house from dust, smoke and other pollutions, efficiency 99.99%. Special for large size room such as drawing room.