Medium Efficiency Air Filter for HVAC AHU

Snythetic pocket

Galvanized or anodized aluminum frame, high air flow rate, large dust holding ability, non-woven synthetic fiber as the filter media, ultra-sonic wave to seal the pocket. Can be used as the final stage air filters for school, mall, airport, library.

Glass fiber pocket

Lager dust holding ability, higher air flow rate; can be used as the pre filters before HEPA filters to enlarge HEPA filters` service life. Aluminum or galvanized steel frame, header thickness 21mm. There are 6 pockets or 8 pockets design, customized size available.

V bank / V cell

2V, 3V, 4V design, standard size 24*24*12 or 12*24*12 inch, ABS plastic frame. Glass fiber or polyester filter media. Hot melt separator. High air flow rate and large dust holding ability. Perfect air tight. Painted metal mesh double side to protect the filter media.

Extended Surface

Galvanized steel frame, iron bone inside to support the filter media, synthetic fiber or glass fiber as the filter media, high airflow rate and large dust holding ability. Strong frame design, very easily to install. Can be used as the second filter stage for cleanroom HVAC.

Medium Mini Pleated

Glass fiber or polyester media, polyurethane sealant to make sure air tight, neoprene gasket. Aluminum or galvanized steel frame. Perfect air tight without any leakages. It can be the final filter stage for super market HVAC system.

Deep Pleated Flange Type

Galvanized steel frame, single header thickness 21 or 25mm, double size flange is also available,
Aluminum foil or paper separator. Glass fiber media from F6 to H10 EN: 779, or H13 to U15 EN: 1822. It`s very useful for micron electronic and LED industries.