Extended Surface Medium Efficiency Air filter


The extended surface air filters are mainly as the medium filter before HEPA filters, catch 0.5-1 micron fine dust, reduce the burden of HEPA filters, increase the final stage filters life. Extended surface air filters efficiency almost about F7 or F8, other efficiency F5, F6, F9 available. The filter media is synthetic or glass fiber. Filter media are pleated design to maximize the filter area. Synthetic filter media and glass fiber media are with large dust holding ability that is perfect to collect dust, the long fiber are created with electrostatic adsorption ability that is very helpful for capturing dust. The fluffy construction can give more space for dust holding.


The extended surface filters frame was made of galvanized steel or aluminum aboard, stainless steel 201 and so on. The galvanized steel frame is very strong and can bear corrosive and rust in dry situation, for more strict situation, aluminum aboard or stainless steel 201 is recommend such as humidity food process HVAC or pharmaceutical air flow system.

The standard size for the extended surface filters is 610*610*292 or 610*610*150mm, 595*595*292mm and 595*595*150mm. Personalized size is available.


The gasket is neoprene on the double side of frame.

The advantageous of extended surface air filters, large dust holding ability and strong body, won`t broken easily. And it`s box design that very conveniently to install.

Specifications and Details
Efficiency M5 - F9 EN:779
Filter depth 150-292mm available
Filter media Synthetic or glassfiber
Frame material Al or gal board
Separator Non
Customized size Available
Design Box
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)

Tech Data

Item No Size(mm) Air flow rate Pressure drop Efficiency Filter Area
EA-ES-2150F5 287*592*150 1200m³/h 75Pa F5 EN:779 2m²
EA-ES-2150F6 287*592*150 1200m³/h 85Pa F6 EN:779 2m²
EA-ES-2150F7 287*592*150 1200m³/h 95Pa F7 EN:779 2m²
EA-ES-2150F8 287*592*150 1200m³/h 115Pa F8 EN:779 2m²
EA-ES-5150F5 592*592*150 2500m³/h 75Pa F5 EN:779 4m²
EA-ES-5150F6 592*592*150 2500m³/h 85Pa F6 EN:779 4m²
EA-ES-5150F7 592*592*150 2500m³/h 95Pa F7 EN:779 4m²
EA-ES-5150F8 592*592*150 2500m³/h 115Pa F8 EN:779 4m²
EA-ES-5292F5 592*592*292 5000m³/h 75Pa F5 EN:779 8m²
EA-ES-5292F6 592*592*292 5000m³/h 85Pa F6 EN:779 8m²
EA-ES-5292F7 592*592*292 5000m³/h 95Pa F7 EN:779 8m²
EA-ES-5292F8 592*592*292 5000m³/h 115Pa F8 EN:779 8m²

Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;