HVAC Glass Fiber Pocket filters


The glass fiber pocket filters is a wonderful replacement for V bank filters, comparing with the V bank filters, glass fiber pocket filters can give a same air flow rate and larger dust holding ability, also the price is relatively cheaper. The glass fiber media can filter high acid, high alkali, strong decorative gas, so this kind of medium filter can be used in some special occasions.

The glass fiber pocket filters dust holding ability is 3 times larger as the synthetic pocket filters as well as the service period. Normally size is 24*24*20 inch or 595*595*500mm, pocket quantity is 6 or 8, air flow rate 3000 CBM per hour. Other airflow rate and size can be customized. For OEM logo printing it is also available. The application for glass fiber pocket filters. Central air ventilation system filter. Pre filters for painting, and air compressor and gas turbine system.

Pre filters for HEPA filters in cleanroom. Final filters for office building, mall, hospital, airport, normal factories and so on.

The pocket filters can be used as the final filtration in normal air ventilation systems, be applied in airport, school, library, mall, supermarket. The F8 efficiency pocket filters is enough for particle release in those occasions, it`s no need to add H13 efficiency HEPA filters.Pocket filters consist of synthetic filter media, or glass fiber media, filter frame can be 16 gauge galvanized steel or aluminum alloy.

1. The color for different efficiency pocket filters.
M5-white, F6-Green, F7-Pink, F8-Yellow, F9-White; customized color available.
2. How often to replace pocket filters ? About 6 - 12 months, it`s depends on the air ventilation system situation.

Specifications and Details
Efficiency M5 - F9 EN:779
Filter depth 300 - 900 mm available
Filter media Glass fiber cloth
Frame material Al Alloy and Gal
Pocket QTY Customized
Customized size Available
Design Pockets
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)

Tech Data

Item No Size(mm) Air flow rate Pressure drop Efficiency Pockets
EA-GP-556F5 592*592*600 1000m³/h 65Pa F5 EN:779 6
EA-GP-556F6 592*592*600 1500m³/h 85Pa F6 EN:779 8
EA-GP-556F7 592*592*600 1800m³/h 135Pa F7 EN:779 8
EA-GP-556F8 592*592*600 2000m³/h 170Pa F8 EN:779 8
EA-GP-456F5 492*595*600 1200m³/h 65Pa F5 EN:779 5
EA-GP-456F6 492*595*600 2000m³/h 85Pa F6 EN:779 6
EA-GP-456F7 492*595*600 2200m³/h 135Pa F7 EN:779 6
EA-GP-456F8 492*595*600 2500m³/h 170Pa F8 EN:779 6
EA-GP-256F5 287*592*600 1400m³/h 65Pa F5 EN:779 3
EA-GP-256F6 287*592*600 1800m³/h 85Pa F6 EN:779 4
EA-GP-256F7 287*592*600 2200m³/h 135Pa F7 EN:779 4
EA-GP-256F8 287*592*600 2800m³/h 170Pa F8 EN:779 4

Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;