Synthetic Pocket air filters for AHU


The glass fiber pre filter consist of frame and filter media, frame can be galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, or stainless steel, and corrugated paper and so on. Stainless steel frame can be used in high acid and high alkali environment, also high temperature. The corrugated frame is a economic choice because consider the pre filters change frequently, stainless steel frame is not compulsive for every occasion, the cheaper corrugated frame is a better choice.

The glass fiber pre filters are mainly used in high temperature ovens, or painting room. Normally, the pre filters media is synthetic with cotton, those media cannot stand high temperature, but long glass fiber can bear high temperature, so this media is used in high temp situations. For painting room, the long glass fiber can absorb painting particles, the fluffy construction can make more painting particles enter the filter space, to absorb more particles and the same time let air pass through the filter.

Galvanized steel frame is the most common construction for second pocket filters, at the first, galvanized steel frame is cheaper than aluminum alloy frame, pocket filters should be replaced frequently, so choose economic product is necessary; also the galvanized steel frame is very strong so it won`t shake and broken when installing and applying. Our pocket filters use the new art craft, each part of the frame is connected by dieless clinching; 16 gauge galvanized steel frame is anti-rust, can be used in moist environment.
The thickness of galvanized steel frame is 21mm, max length can be 1.2m;

Specifications and Details
Efficiency M5 - F9 EN:779
Filter depth 200-800mm available
Filter media Synthetic
Frame material Al alloy or Gal
Pocket QTY customized ( 3 -10 pockets )
Customized size Available
Design Pocket
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)

Tech Data

Item No Size(mm) Air flow rate Pressure drop Efficiency Pockets
EA-SP-556F5 592*592*600 3800m³/h 50Pa F5 EN:779 8
EA-SP-556F6 592*592*600 3800m³/h 60Pa F6 EN:779 8
EA-SP-556F7 592*592*600 3800m³/h 115Pa F7 EN:779 8
EA-SP-556F8 592*592*600 3800m³/h 135Pa F8 EN:779 8
EA-SP-456F5 490*592*600 3100m³/h 55Pa F5 EN:779 6
EA-SP-456F6 490*592*600 3100m³/h 80Pa F6 EN:779 6
EA-SP-456F7 490*592*600 3100m³/h 125Pa F7 EN:779 6
EA-SP-456F8 490*592*600 3100m³/h 140Pa F8 EN:779 6
EA-SP-256F5 287*592*600 1800m³/h 55Pa F5 EN:779 4
EA-SP-256F6 287*592*600 1800m³/h 80Pa F6 EN:779 4
EA-SP-256F7 287*592*600 1800m³/h 125Pa F7 EN:779 4
EA-SP-256F8 287*592*600 1800m³/h 140Pa F8 EN:779 4

Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;