V bank filters / V cell filters for HVAC system


V bank filters, are the pre filters before HEPA filters, filter particles size 0.5um with efficiency from 75-99%, filter media can be polyester or glass fiber. V bank filters is the most important part in cleanroom ventilation systems when cleanliness level 100 or 10. To enlarge the service life of HEPA filters, ULPA filters, V bank filters need to remove most of the 0.5um particles, the role and function is same as pocket filters, but v bank filters offer more stable performance.

Normally, the v bank filters are made of ABS plastic frame, mini pleated glass fiber pack, hot melt glue as the separator, there are 4V designs; Sometimes, the clients require 3V, or 2V, it is also available.
Flange size is 21mm thickness, gasket behind the flange. There are coated metal mesh to protect filter media from being damaged.
The V bank filters, also be called as v cell filters, rigid pocket filters.

In cleanroom air ventilation system, there are three stage filtration, the first stage is pre filters, the second stage is medium filters, the final stage is HEPA filters. The cleanroom v bank filters can remove 0.5um particles 99%, this can help reduce the burden of HEPA filter. The HEPA filters are relatively expansive, add v bank filters and pre filters to enlarge the service life is quite necessary. V bank filters consist of glass fiber mini pleated pack, it`s 8 packs for normal 24*24*12 inch size 4V standard, then ABS plastic frame, the plastic frame is molded and very light but strong; painted metal mesh be added in front of the HEPA media pack, this can help remove damage. EVA ( neoprene ) gasket to make sure no air leakages. Polypropylene as the sealant.

Specifications and Details
Efficiency F7, F8, F9, H10 EN:779
Filter depth 292mm available
Filter media Waterproof glass fiber
Frame material Plastic ABS
Separator Hot-melt
Customized size Available
Design V bank
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)

Tech Data

Item No Size(mm) Air flow rate Pressure drop Efficiency Filter Area
EA-VB-2VGF6 592*287*292 1700m³/h 105Pa F6 EN:779 9.5m² Glass fibre
EA-VB-2VGF7 592*287*292 1700m³/h 125Pa F7 EN:779 9.5m² Glass fibre
EA-VB-2VGF8 592*287*292 1700m³/h 145Pa F8 EN:779 9.5m² Glass fibre
EA-VB-4VGF6 592*592*292 3400m³/h 105Pa F6 EN:779 19m² Glass fibre
EA-VB-4VGF7 592*592*292 3400m³/h 125Pa F7 EN:779 19m² Glass fibre
EA-VB-4VGF8 592*592*292 3400m³/h 145Pa F8 EN:779 19m² Glass fibre
EA-VB-2VPF6 592*287*292 1700m³/h 75Pa F6 EN:779 9.5m² Polyester
EA-VB-2VPF7 592*287*292 1700m³/h 85Pa F7 EN:779 9.5m² Polyester
EA-VB-2VPF8 592*287*292 1700m³/h 95Pa F8 EN:779 9.5m² Polyester
EA-VB-4VPF6 592*592*292 3400m³/h 75Pa F6 EN:779 19m² Polyester
EA-VB-4VPF7 592*592*292 3400m³/h 85Pa F7 EN:779 19m² Polyester
EA-VB-4VPF8 592*592*292 3400m³/h 95Pa F8 EN:779 19m² Polyester

Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;