Nylon mesh Pre coarse air filters


The nylon mesh air filters can remove large dust in HVAC tunnel, the nylon mesh is washable, the frame is aluminum alloy thickness 8mm, 10mm, 21mm, 46mm and so on. Double side black nylon mesh, strong iron frame in center to support the nylon mesh.
The nylon mesh air filters are commonly used in HVAC system first stage filters, air conditioner air inlet side.


Strong frame
Long time service life, for more than 3 years.
Large air flow rate
Low pressure drop
Customized size

Specifications and Details
Efficiency G1 EN:779
Filter depth 8mm and 10mm or 21mm
Filter media Nylon mesh
Frame material Aluminum alloy
Separator Non
Customized size Available
Design Panel
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)

Tech Data

Customized size is available;