Polyester / Synthetic Fiber Pre Filters

Synthetic Pleaed

Pleated synthetic fiber to maximize the filter media, double side or single side metal mesh to support the filter media. Pleated V slot to help collect fine dust. Paper or metal frame. Large dust holding ability and long service life. Efficiency G3 or G4.

Synthetic Panel

Synthetic fiber media, large dust holding ability, G3 and G4 efficiency, paper or metal frame. Customized size. Can be as the pre filters for HVAC system and can be used as the fan coil filters. Filter media can be replaceable if the frame is metallic.

Glass Fiber Panel

Panel filter design, long glass fiber as the media, can be as the pre filters for painting spray room, or as the pre filters for high temperature oven, waterproof paper frame, metal frame available. Customized size. Standard thickness 21mm, 46mm, or 96mm and so on.

Nylon Mesh

Black or white nylon mesh double side, iron bone inside to support the nylon mesh, efficiency G1 or G2, as the pre filter for air conditioning and HVAC system. Filter media washable and long service life. Standard thickness is 21mm and 46mm.

Metal Mesh

Aluminum mesh corrugated as the filter media, aluminum alloy or SUS stainless steel frame. Efficiency G1 and G2, as the pre filters for filtering some large dust and oil. Can be washable, anti-heat and anti-acid, anti-moist.